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Rethymnon - Pighianos Campos / West Crete

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is the largest Greek island, and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean. Four big mountain massifs form the landscape, three of them having numerous summits of more than 2,000 meters height.

Crete had it's first flowering period during the Minoan Age which began about 2,800 BC.
Therefore, this oldest civilization in the Eastern Mediterranean is only some 3,500 years younger than the Proto-Germanic civilization. It does however not descend from the older one but developed independently, probably from roots of North African origin.

Thus, the Cretan culture did also not produce any comparable scientific and technologic peak performance such as e.g. the Henge Culture at Goseck (Sachsen-Anhalt, about 4,800 BC).
distance Ida mountains: View from Melambes
It's emphasis is more in the fine arts sector, which later on continued in the boom of paintings and statuary in ancient Greece.
distance Agios Nicolaos: View from the excavation site of Gournia
About the original Cretan language however, almost nothing is known up to the present day. The Greek language which developed much later from about 2,000 BC on is a member of the indo-Germanic family of languages, mainly based on a lingual parent from the northern Balkans.

Since about 1,100 BC then, Crete was almost permanently occupied by non-European forces and had it's second flowering period not before the Venetian Era from 1204 till 1645 A.D.
The Turkish occupation endet in 1898, and Crete joined the Greek Republik in 1913.

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